Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beach Inspired

Ok - I really should be cleaning my kitchen since I'm having people over for a meeting tonight, but instead I'm procrastinating by playing with my makeup. It will serve me right when people come over and our house still looks like it was hit by a whirlwind and they will think I am the worst houskeeper in the world (and they may just be right).

I haven't had much time to play with all the new MAC eyeshadows I bought for my kit and I was suddenly inspired to create a beachy look. Not a bronze goddess on the beach look, more like there's an ocean on my eyelid look. Anyway here it is. For those of you new to my blog - this is quite a different look for me. Despite my affection for makeup I tend to lean to the more minamalist/natural look than anything. Still it is fun to play ( I just won't go pick up my daughter from daycare before washing this off :P)

I'll have to write down what I used later as I REALLY should clean up...Sigh.

Wow - this angle makes my nose look huge! HA!

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