Monday, June 8, 2009

Joe Fresh Makeup Review

When I was in the city on the weekend I popped into Superstore and was excited that they had the Joe Fresh makeup line. I've been wanting to try these products out for a while. I picked up 4 eyeshadows ($4 each), 1 cheek tint ($4), 2 cream lipsticks ($6), 1 matte lipstick ($6) and 2 eyeliners ($6).

I really like the packaging. It's very simple and clean looking. As for the products:

The first picture is of the lip sticks. I purchased from top to bottom: Nude (matte), Coral (cream) and Cinnamon(cream). The colors are very nice and the consistency is pretty similar to other brands. I really like the matte nude. I find it hard to find a nude that isn't too pink or peachy. This one is just right

At $6 it's hard to go wrong.

On the right is the Peach Cheek Tint. It almost looks coral rather than peach but it's a very nice color on. Next time I'm at the store I'll probably buy all the other colors!

For eyeshadows I picked up some pretty neutral colors, but they do have some brights as well. The colors on my hand are:
Dusty Rose, Pebble, Plum and Espresso.

I don't mind the shadows for the price, but I wasn't thrilled with the application. I found them hard to apply and blend. They are ok if you want to try out a new look and don't want to shell out a bunch of cash on something you aren't sure you're going to like.

I didn't try the eyeliners - but these are the colors I picked up. One is a grey/blue and the other is purple. Just for funsies.:)

I would definetly buy the cheek tint and lipsticks again but probably won't purchase any more of the eyeshadow.
Here I used Espresso and Pebble eyeshadow on the eyes, peach cheek tint and nude lipstick.


  1. I bought nearly all the lip stains and I found that the colour was a bit, um, clownish? I'll have to try the eyshadows instead!

  2. I have the peach and bronze cheek tint. I really like the gives me a natural "blush". I usually have a problem finding a good colour for me since I have a natural olive/tan tone to my skin. The bronze is nice if I want to kick it up a bit with some shimmer. I also have the pebble eyeshadow. I like the's not too light, not too dark. Good for daytime or for night with a little extra liner.
    Great post Kris!