Monday, August 24, 2009

MAC Stash

I got up early and kid is still sleeping so now I have time to post about the MAC makeup I got while on my trip. This is mostly for my kit but still fun to play with occasionally.

First is my Paint Pot in Bare Study*not the color in the picture*. I liked so many of them but with a limited amount of moola to spend I needed one that I could get the most uses out of. I think this will come in very handy for doing wedding makeup. It can be used as a base over the lid before shadows, or a hilighter. It's a nice neutral color. It's described as champagne with gold and white pearl.

I also purchased my first jar of pigment. I went out on a limb and bought a color I woudn't normally look at but it was so fun. Blue/brown is a deep brown with a blue/green reflection. The thing that is cool about the pigment is they can be used in so many different ways. As eyeshadow, lip color (though I probably wouldnt' use blue brown on the lips!), blush (if you have a pink version) etc. You can also use them wet or dry - and a small jar lasts forever as I've been told.

I've been lusting after the Slimshine Lipsticks for a while so I had to pick one up. The color I chose is called Scant, which is a mid-tone plum with gold pearl. It's a very pretty color - I wanted to keep it for myself instead of adding it to my kit - but I already have wayyy to many personal lip colors. It feels very light on the lips and I love the sheer color. It's not too shiny but is not matte either.

Last but not least I coudln't NOT purchase a Lip Glass. I love the new Viva Glam VI color so I had to get it. They describe it as a soft pink tinged mauve.

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