Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fabulous Lashes

Today I'm going to demonstrate some techniques that will make your lashes look long and full no matter what kind of mascara you use. I'm going to be using Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Mascara. You should have already applied all your other eye makeup (basically shadow) already.

First I start by using an eyeliner brush and a cake liner to create a very fine line right up against my top lashline. This helps to make the lashes thicker without being a noticable liner line.

Next (and this step is optional - and should be saved for special occasions, not everyday) I take a soft black eyeliner pencil (in this case Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal Eye Pencil), lift up my upper lid, and line just below and into my upper lash line. Liquid liner would be to harsh here and powder might fall in your eyes which is why I use a pencil. The softer the better so you don't end up tugging on your delicate eye lid.

Next I curl my lashes and apply the first coat of mascara. I like to run the mascara wand over a tissue to get rid of any lumps. Starting at the roots of the eyelashes sweep the brush horizontally from roots to tip and wiggle a bit from side to side as you move the brush up. Repeat on the other eye. Let that coat dry for a minute and then repeat. This will add the volume to your lashes.

After you have finished the second coat, use whatever mascara is left on the wand to go back over your lashes but this time hold it vertically. Pull the want from roots to tip again but focus on the tips to add length.

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