Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Best Beauty Product for Spring

All year round for that matter. The best beauty product for spring, without a doubt, is sunscreen. Yes, you should have been wearing it everyday in the winter but let's be honest, did you? ( I know there were a few days I forgot).

Now that the snow is melting and the temperature is rising you're probably ready to expose some more skin. It's essential to make sure you cover any exposed skin with an a broadspectrum suncreen with an SPF of AT LEAST 15 everyday. This includes face, ears, neck and hands).

Sun damage is the numero uno cause of wrinkles, not to mention skin cancer and age spots. If you want a sun-kissed glow, try a bronzing powder, sunscreen with self-tanner or add a bit of bronzing gel to your sunscreen.

With the plethora for options available all year round, there really is no reason to bake your skin. Unless this is the look you are going for:

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